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L-C continues to be among top school districts in area, state
The Luxemburg-Casco School District continued to be one of the highest-performing districts in Northeast Wisconsin and across the state based on the District Report Cards from 2022-23 released today by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI).

Luxemburg-Casco ranked near the top among the 38 school districts of the Cooperative Educational Service Agency for Northeast Wisconsin (CESA 7), finishing second in Mathematics (69.9% of students proficient and advanced on the Forward Exam) and fifth in English Language Arts (ELA) (59.2% of students proficient and advanced on the Forward Exam). In the state, the percentage of students proficient and advanced on the Forward Exam in Math is 41.1% and in ELA is 39.2%.

L-C has been among the top five CESA 7 districts in Math and ELA each of the last four years that DPI reported test scores. Its Math ranking was second in both 2021-22 and 2020-21 after being third in 2018-19. It finished fourth in ELA in 2021-22 and 2018-19, while being second in 2020-21.

Impressively, the district’s 2022-23 Achievement score of 80.8 placed it among the top seven percent of Wisconsin districts.



“Luxemburg-Casco has become a ‘destination district’ within Northeast Wisconsin in large part because of the high level of student achievement, along with our multitude of career-readiness programs, new facilities and thletic success,” says District Superintendent Jo-Ellen Fairbanks, Ph.D. “We are excited by the continued strong scores and growth of our students, particularly those in their formative years. It is a real tribute to both our students and the entire teaching staff.”

L-C had an overall accountability rating of 73.7 to put it within the Exceeds Expectations category (70.0-82.9). Of 421 Public School Districts in the state, 156 fell into the Exceeds Expectations category or above.

Luxemburg-Casco ranked in the top 21% among school districts in the state, finishing 87th of 421 districts. 

The district’s highest-performing school continues to be the Luxemburg-Casco Intermediate School, which was ranked No. 18 in Wisconsin among 2,638 school buildings in the state, while improving its overall score to 94.1 (up from 92.9 last year) to maintain its position within the Significantly Exceeds Expectations category (83-100) of DPI. Its overall Achievement score of 92.7 put it in the top 4% of K-5 schools in the state, while its Math Achievement score was 100.0 and its ELA Achievement score was 26.2 points higher than the state average.



The most impressive aspect of the Intermediate School’s student performance is its 100.0 score in the Growth category, in both ELA and Math, which is well above the state averages of 66.0. The 34-point difference between L-C and other districts indicates that Luxemburg-Casco students are growing at a much higher level than students outside the district, according to District Learning Services Director Mike Snowberry.

The district’s Gifted & Talented Program also has yielded positive results at the Intermediate School, where 35.1% of its students scored at the Advanced level in Math, more than 22 points higher than the state average of 13.0%. Similar results occurred in ELA, where 20.0% of students tested as Advanced in comparison to the state average of 7.5%. 

“Our team of educators at the Intermediate School is to be commended for the strong levels of student achievement that has made it one of the top-performing schools in all of Wisconsin,” says Dr. Fairbanks. “The bar was set high by our recently-retired principal, Jolene Hussong, and has continued under her successor, Heather Mleziva.” 

There are no test scores within the DPI Report Cards issued for K4 through Grade 2. However, the high achievement level of Luxemburg-Casco Primary School is reflected in the district’s most recent third-grade reading scores (2021), which ranked in the top 10 percent of Wisconsin. 

Luxemburg-Casco Middle School posted an Achievement score of 78.5, up from 77.9 a year ago, including 82.0 in ELA, while Meeting Expectations. Both its ELA and Math Achievement scores were more than 22 points above the state average. 

Middle School student performance at the Advanced or Proficient level in ELA (57.6%) and Math (58.8%) was significantly higher than the state-level standards of 39.1% and 35.6%, respectively, for Grades 6-8.
The On-Track to Graduation score of Luxemburg-Casco High School was 90.4 in receiving an overall score of 57.1. It also improved its Achievement score by a half-point over the prior year. 

Accountability Report Cards report on the performance of all public schools and districts in Wisconsin. They include outcomes in four priority areas:
1)    Achievement, which summarizes how a school’s students performed on state assessments using a points-based proficiency system that gives partial credit for Basic test performance and extra credit for Advanced performance
2)    Growth, which measures year-to-year student progress on statewide tests, using a value-added model that seeks to control for circumstances beyond the influence of educators
3)    Target Group Outcomes, which examines outcomes for students with the lowest test scores, promoting equity by helping districts to focus on learners who need the most support while also improving outcomes for all students
4)    On-Track to Graduation, which indicates how successfully students are progressing toward completing their K-12 education

Individual Report Cards:

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) releases its Accountability Report Cards in the fall of most years, utilizing data from the past year. More information on the District and School Report Cards is available at Student learning in Grades 3-8 is assessed through the Wisconsin Forward Exam. Student progress toward college and career readiness is measured in Grades 9-10 through the ACT® Aspire® Summative Assessments. Grade 11 students take the ACT® test, an entrance exam used by many colleges and universities to make admissions decisions, for the measurement of student learning.