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Operational Referendum '24-27

Welcome to the Luxemburg-Casco School District (LCSD) referendum webpage. This page was created to provide our community members with a resource to cast an informed vote on the district's operational referendum that will be on the ballot on April 2nd, 2024.  LCSD's mission is to inspire minds, challenge students, and promote excellence. Our commitment is to prepare students to thrive in a global community by ensuring excellence in intellect and virtue. 

We encourage you to look over the information on this page, so you can cast an informed vote in the upcoming election. If you cannot find the information you are looking for, please contact either Jo-Ellen Fairbanks, superintendent at 920-845-2391 x103 or or Rebecca Dobbe, business manager at 920-845-5982 or 

Thank you for your support and interest in the Luxemburg-Casco School District 
We are Spartans! 


November 15th - December 4th - Paper copies of the Community Survey arrive at each household in the District. Survey closed December 4th 

December 20th - School Perceptions presented survey data to the School Board. 

While the survey indicated that 89% of survey respondents indicated that the District is “Great” or “Good” at delivering a high-quality education and 86% indicated that the District is “Great” or “Good” at building pride in the community, only 39.8% would support the proposed referendum. 

January 2nd - The School Board reviewed and discussed referendum options. The Board voted to move forward with a reduced operational referendum that would have a lesser impact on the District's academic program but have a larger impact on ancillary services and maintenance repairs.

January 15th - To balance the feedback of the community with the needs of the district, on the Board of Education moved forward with a modified referendum resolution.

April 2nd - Election Day