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What Our Business Partners Say About Us

"Our working relationship with LCSD has grown and continues to grow, for that we are very grateful. We are happy to employ students in both a part-time and youth apprenticeship capacity. This relationship goes beyond the classroom as we have been fortunate to have parents and alumni join our working family of employees. We look forward to continuing our working relationship!"
Michelle Shambeau
Human Resource Manager
"As a proud business partner of our LC school district, I've had the privilege of witnessing the transformative impact this educational institution has on our community. The district's commitment to nurturing relationships, fostering innovative school programs, and championing work-based learning
initiatives is truly remarkable."
Susan Heim
"We here at N.E.W. Plastics have been involved with the Luxemburg/Casco Youth Apprentice program since it’s inception. Over the last several years we have watched these young adults grow and develop in their skills and ability to communicate in the business world. This is our future workforce and it great that the YA program gives these young people the opportunity to experience the working world at such an early stage in their professional development. We have had opportunities for them in our production area as well as the office environment. We have watched all of them discover themselves and learn to truly work in our adult world. Most of them have demonstrated to us that the future is bright for the future American workforce; others have proven they have some more development needed but we are starting at an early age, and we are working with all of them to make the future brighter. "
Dave Goblisch
Sr. Human Resource Manager
"The LC School District is a perfect community partner in every way.  Their robust academic and vocational programs train the next generation of leaders here in Luxemburg and beyond.  Our partnerships for work based learning provide real world experiences that help students connect what they’ve learned in school to service for their neighbors here in the community."
Alex Stodola