Mr. Brent Smeester

(920) 845-2315 x205
Education: NWTC Associate Degree:  Microcomputer, CIS

My Role and Responsibilities at L-C: As a member of the LC technology team, I wear many hats.  As the district grows and technology becomes a greater focus and asset for learning, my role grows also.  A short 15 years ago when hired I was just desktop support. Now, I am our Google Apps for Education Administrator; a District Technology Support Specialist and etc.  I perform many other administrative duties with students and staff such as one-to-one training, user management, reporting, and any type of technical need that I am presented with.  Variety is the spice of life, and there is plenty of variety in this role to keep it interesting and fun.  The most rewarding part of my role here is knowing that I am a part of, and am involved in, the tremendous role and responsibility of educating our youth.         

A Bit About Me: First and foremost I am a father of 4 children, three girls and one boy.  They are my ABC & D's of life and love - Alexis, Breanna, Chloe & Damian.  Even though I earn my living with technology and gadgets, my kids and I enjoy the simpler things in life and spend as much time as possible outdoors - camping, fishing, swimming, enjoying Smore's around a fire, and being with family and friends!!  I chose technology as a career because I have always been interested in the mechanical / electronic things around me and it's fun and rewarding, as well as challenging.  I have many years of experience in technology in business and education at this point in my life, and enjoy it very much.