The Warm Fuzzy

Once upon a time there was a hidden valley populated with happy people. They did not have any TV’s, dvd players, McDonalds, golf courses, video games, computers, and they did not know you had to have these things to be happy. The people of this happy valley gave each other WARM FUZZIES each time they met – and when they gave WARM FUZZIES, it always brought them happiness.

It meant, simply, that they cared about and respected each other. One day a wicked woman visited the happy valley and saw all those people hugging and smiling and being nice to each other. She thought, “How Ridiculous! I’ll show these people how to be like the rest of the world!” So she started a rumor that there was going to be a shortage of WARM FUZZIES!!! Being human, the people of the happy valley reacted like everyone else. They went home and hid their WARM FUZZIES in dark closets and began to avoid each other so they would not give away their WARM FUZZIES.

Soon, people began to mistrust one another, and frown, and call each other names, and argue with one another. The people became fearful and lonely and did not like anyone. The fuzziless days turned into fuzziless months and the fuzziless months turned into fuzziless years. Soon the happy valley with the happy boys, girls, men, and women became just like the rest of the world. No one respected each other. Instead of giving WARM FUZZIES for gifts, they gave COLD PRICKLIES!!! Then one day a great-grandmother told her grand children about the “good old days” when everybody cared about each other and respected each other and gave each other WARM FUZZIES. The children got so excited about the idea that they went out and hunted up the few old WARM FUZZIES they could find and they began to give them away.

When WARM FUZZIES are given away – they multiply – and soon adults saw how happy they children were and they, too, began giving WARM FUZZIES. Soon the valley returned to the way it had been when people loved and respected and cared about teach other.

The End