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Primary School Counseling

The purpose of Guidance is to be preventative. I focus on many topics, including: friendship skills, teamwork, honesty, feelings, career exploration, problem solving, manners, personal safety, respect and the popular "All about Me" unit.

I have several goals during my guidance classes. One, I hope to provide an environment where children feel comfortable to start learning more about themselves, as well as, the others around them. Two, I hope to promote the skills needed to work with other people. And three, I hope to provide a safe place were children feel comfortable to talk if and/or when there are hardships in their life they need help with. Classroom Guidance is considered part of "specials" for the students, similar to Gym, Music, Library, Art and Computer. Every student comes to my room once a week for a 30 minute period with his/her class. Therefore, contrary to popular belief, coming to the counselor's office does not mean your child is in trouble. On that note, I thoroughly enjoy developing a rapport and connecting with students. In addition to lunch dates, students will often find me outside at recess, in the lunch room, hallways, or local sporting events. I believe it's important to help students develop a positive connection to school.

A popular dimension to guidance class comes in the form of the “Student of the Week”. Each week a different student gets chosen (their name gets picked out of an envelope) to become the “Student of the Week”. The other students spend the first five minutes of the class giving that chosen student a “Warm Fuzzy” (saying something nice to someone else that makes them feel ‘warm and fuzzy’ inside. During that week the students in that class must do one nice thing for the “Student of the Week”. Visit the link on the left toolbar to read a story about “The Warm Fuzzy”.

For fun I like to have lunch dates with the students.  Students have to ask for lunch dates early in the week when they get off the bus before the school day starts. They can choose up to 3 friends to bring with them. The students bring their lunch trays to my room, eat and then can play with me and my games/toys during the remainder of the lunch hour or if they choose they can go.