Lakeshore Educational Alternative Program (L.E.A.P.)

Through a non-traditional and personalized learning approach, students will find their purpose and develop the knowledge, skills and habits to be successful.

Empowering ALL students to be their best self and LEAP into their future.

Population Served
Students for whom the Kewaunee and Luxemburg-Casco High School structure and environment is not effective or appropriate, are motivated to graduate, and are perceived as benefiting from the Lakeshore Educational Alternative Program including but not limited to:
  • high school students who are at risk of not graduating because they are credit deficient or failing to thrive in the regular classroom settings
  • students whose lack of attendance has affected their grades or school connection, (generally 10 or more absences, 4 or more unexcused absences), or have transferred schools frequently
  • students whose mental health issues including depression and anxiety are interfering with being successful at school
  • students with other extenuating circumstances including homeless, pregnant or teen parents, chemically dependent, or those who have experienced significant life trauma
  • expelled students may have their educational needs met through this program on a case by case basis

A low student to teacher ratio supports the mission and allows for a high degree of flexibility of structure to reduce barriers to student success.  This flexibility may include daily attendance, a shortened school day/week, virtual instruction, work-based learning, or blending these educational 

For more information about L.E.A.P. see the L.E.A.P. Handbook of Policies and Procedures.


Ms. Laura Gallenberger
L.E.A.P. Instructor
(920) 837-2205 x472
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Ms. Breanna Neering
L.E.A.P. Instructor
(920) 837-2205 x473
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