I will be meeting with a number of small groups of students during the academic school year. Group Counseling is a way for groups of students with similar needs to work together and receive more individualized attention in order to build skills or learn strategies in a topic area. Students who participate in group counseling will meet with the counselor and a few other students 2-3 times per week for 30 minutes during their Spartan Time. The duration of each group is usually five-six weeks. Students involved in group counseling will be referred and selected based on level of need as well as group dynamics. Parents, teachers, and principal are welcome to refer students for group counseling, students can also sign themselves up for group counseling. The number of students in each group will and should remain low in order for it to be an effective experience for each student involved. Group topics are created based on student need and tend to differ per grade. Group topics may include, but are not limited to:
  • Family Changes (e.g., divorce, separation, blending families, death, loss, moving, injury, incarceration, or military deployment)
  • Healthy Choices (e.g., time management, stress, management, personal hygiene, and unhealthy behaviors)
  • Interpersonal Issues (e.g., bullying, harassment, friendship, conflict management, respect for individual and group differences, dealing with authority)
  • Intrapersonal Issues (e.g., anger management, stress, text anxiety, grief, depression, school phobia, esteem, self-acceptance and identity development) 
  • Academic Success (e.g. study skills/habits, attendance, decision-making, problem-solving, goal-setting, and transitions/adjustment to new situations)
**Parents/Guardians will be notified for permission before their student begins a group.

**Please contact me with any questions and/or to refer your child for group counseling by phone or email.