Individual counseling is a component of the comprehensive school counseling program. Individual counseling is a responsive service in which we seek to meet the students' immediate needs and concerns. Individual counseling is offered throughout the school year to students in a confidential setting. School counseling is goal-oriented and solution-focused and is generally short-term in nature (usually about 6-8 weeks for 1x a week) and often consists of skill building/practicing or crisis intervention. If a student needs ongoing therapy, the school counselor will facilitate a referral to an outside mental health provider. 

Students may request to see the counselor themselves by writing a note or asking their teacher if they can see the counselor. The parent/guardian of a child, teacher, or administrator may also refer a student. The counselor assesses the student to determine if he/she could benefit from counseling at the school. If the counselor feels she can assist the student and determines ongoing counseling (more than 3 sessions) is appropriate, permission is obtained from a parent/guardian.