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Intermediate School Counseling

The Counselor

Ms. Danielle Garceau

(920)845-2371 ext. 106

The purpose of Guidance is to be preventative and is one part of the Luxemburg-Casco Intermediate School Counseling program. Students at Luxemburg-Casco Intermediate School will be introduced to the Second Step program, which is a universal, classroom-based program designed to increase students' school success and decrease problem behaviors by promoting social-emotional competence and self-regulation. Second Step curriculum is focused on skills that strengthen students' ability to learn, have empathy, manage emotions, and solve problems. The program targets key risk and protective factors linked to a range of problem behaviors. Research shows that equipping students with Second Step skills creates a safer, more respectful learning environment that promotes school success for all.

It is my goal to teach students ways in which they can have more positive relationships with teachers and peers, thereby increasing their feelings of school connectedness, which will lend to positive academic self-concepts and decreased incidence of rejection, isolation, and victimization to bullying.

Classroom Guidance is considered part of the Related Arts "Specials" for students, similar to Physical Education, Music, Library, Art and Spanish. Students' in grades 3-5 come to my room once a week for a 30 minute period with his/her class, and 6th graders for one hour. Therefore, contrary to popular belief, coming to the counselor's office does not mean your child is in trouble. I truly enjoy developing a rapport and connecting with the students and hope that they feel comfortable coming to me with a variety of concerns/accomplishments. 

Student of the Week
Similar to the Primary school, we do the "Student of the Week" activity during each Guidance class. The purpose of selecting one student from each class as the Guidance Student of the Week is to promote the students in getting to know one another better, for Ms. Kudick to get to know each individual student, and for students to practice the Golden Rule (Treating people the way you would like to be treated). Students practice giving the Student of the Week meaningful compliments, greeting them, offering assistance, and engaging in conversation throughout the week. When a student is selected, at random, to be the Student of the Week they present their "All About Me" sheet to their class, which is completed at the beginning of the school year. Classes have a lot of fun with this activity and have great support from their classroom teachers.