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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

posted Apr 8, 2015, 7:16 AM by Cory Romdenne   [ updated Apr 8, 2015, 7:16 AM ]
DROP-OFFS & CROSSWALKS - Students need to be dropped off on the east side of the building (the IGA side) before school. Please use the crosswalk if leaving the school grounds and heading toward McDonalds.  You can receive a ticket for jaywalking if you cross elsewhere.

WEIGHT ROOM & LIBRARY - are now available for use after school.  The weight room is open from 3:30-6:30, and the library is open until 5:30.

COUNSELING DEPARTMENT - The Counseling Department webpage is now available on the new L-C website!  Scholarship information is available on the site and will be updated regularly!


PETERS CONCRETE COMPANY - is hiring mechanics- diesel engine heavy duty truck, construction equipment and general maintenance.  See the posting on the counseling office or in Mr. Nowak’s room. 

MUSKRAT CITY SPORTSMAN’S CLUB SCHOLARSHIP - is available to seniors going on to school.  Special consideration will be given to students who are enrolling in a Natural Resource related field of study, including game warden, environmental sciences, and agricultural fields of study.  Applications are in the counseling office. 
CARRIE CRYSTAL STUCKERT SCHOLARSHIP - is now available to seniors pursuing a degree in a visual arts program including art therapy.  Stop in the counseling office.

CHALLENGE THE OUTDOORS SCHOLARSHIP - is available for students with physical challenges or any non-disabled students pursuing a career working with persons with disabilities.  Stop in the counseling office for the application.

ERICH LEE CHARLES MEMORIAL SCHOLARHIP - is now available in the counseling office. 

WRESTLING SCHOLARSHIP - Any senior associated with the wrestling program for at least 2 years is eligible for the LC Wrestling Club Scholarship.  Stop in guidance for more information.

DYCKESVILLE LIONS CLUB SCHOLARSHIP - is now available in the guidance office. 

WISCONSIN BUSINESS WORLD SUMMER PROGRAM - if you are interested in knowing more about the world of business, stop in the guidance office for information on this program. 

PAUL MITCHELL - is holding a preview day for careers in cosmetology and barbering on April 9th.  More details are available in the guidance office.

LCSI SCHILARSHIPS - are also available for students attending college or tech school.  Stop in  the guidance office. 
RICE ENGINEERING SCHOLARSHIP - Seniors who are planning on entering the structural engineering field should stop by the guidance office to pick up an application.  It is worth $3,000.  The due date is April 10th.

LANCE CORPORAL DEAN OPICKA MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP - is for a student with a g.p.a. above 3.0 who is going on to school full-time.  The deadline is Friday, April 15th. 

THE KEWAUNEE COUNTRY GARDEN CLUB - is offering a scholarship to students pursuing a degree in the field of horticulture or a related field.  Stop by the guidance office for more information  The deadline is April 30th. 

KEWAUNEE COUNTY AMERICAN VET SCHOLARSHIP - is  now available for children and grandchildren of veterans.  You need a 3.0 gpa to apply and priority is given to those majoring in education to social work.  Stop in the guidance office for more information.

MEDA SCHOLARSHIP - is available for students interested in AG Power.

ALGOMA UTILITIES - If your parents are a customer of Algoma Utilities you are eligible to apply for a $1,000 scholarship, Stop by the counseling office for more information.  Deadline is April 16th.

OMNOVA SOLUTIONS - is offering a $1500 scholarship to a student majoring in a science related field such as chemistry, chemical engineering or environmental science-medical fields not included.  You can pick up an application in the counseling office.  The deadline is April 17th.

FRESHMEN THRU JUNIORS - if you are interested in Health Careers such as Dr. Dentist, Pharmacist, etc.-Northeastern Wisconsin Area Health Education Center is sponsoring two Heath Careers Summer Camps.  One camp is June 21- June 25 in Fox Valley area.  Another camp is July 12-16 in the Sheboygan & Manitowoc area.  The cost is $75.  Applications are on line at  If you have any questions stop by the guidance office.  

KEWAUNEE COUNTY FARM BUREAU - has 2 scholarships available.  Stop in the guidance office. 
Deadline 4/30/15.

THOMAS LUTSEY-WASEDA FARMS SCHOLARSHIP - is now in the guidance office for seniors going into the agricultural area.

IT OR RELIGIOUS PROGRAMING - There are new scholarships available for students pursuing studies in IT or religious programming.   Stop in guidance for more information. Deadline 4/9/15.
AB NICHOLAS BASKETBALL SCHOLARSHIP - is available to students attending UW schools who have played basketball their senior year and will not be playing D1-D3 in college.  Stop in the guidance office for more details.  Deadline 4/30/15.

CASCO LIONS SCHOLARSHIP - is now available in the counseling office.

CAREER IN PUBLIC SAFETY - If you are a senior who will be pursuing a career in public safety, community service, or the military, the Jesse Thiry Scholarship of Honor application is now available in the counseling office.  

STEVE PAVICH MEMORIAL AND FARM KIDS FOR COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIP - is now available in the counseling office.  This scholarship is for seniors pursuing education in agriculture, home economics, pre-vet, natural resources and other ag disciplines.