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Solo & Ensemble Awards

posted Mar 25, 2019, 7:31 AM by Cory Romdenne
Congratulations to all L-C HS Band & Choir students who participated in District Solo & Ensemble on Saturday, March 23, 2019 at Denmark High School.

The following students received the rating of *I and are eligible to perform at State Festival on Saturday, May 4, at UW-Green Bay:

Sol Trane (Sienna Davis, Becca Martin, Brooklyn Simonar, Arabella Adams, Megan Jodar, Hannah Maedke, Brynn Holzwarth, Anna Morozov, Shannon Bukouricz, Riley Vanden Plas, Valerie Jeanquart, Bryce Oysti, Nathan Ledvina, Kris Kanzenbach, Bennett Tust, Brendon Brunette, Will Smith)

Women’s Chamber Vocal Ensemble (Arabella Adams, Shannon Bukouricz, Sienna Davis, Kennsington DeGroot, Julia Delcore, Cassandra Flynn, Brynn Holzwarth, Megan Jodar, Hannah Maedke, Becca Martin, Anna Morozov, Madison Salm, Brooklyn Simonar, Olivia Tremel, Rylee Vanden Plas)

Shannon Bukouricz & Anna Morozov:  Vocal Duet
Sienna Davis:  Musical Theater Vocal Solo, Classical Vocal Solo
Megan Jodar:  Musical Theater Vocal Solo, Classical Vocal Solo
Laura Ledvina:  Classical Vocal Solo
Anna Morozov:  Musical Theater Vocal Solo, Classical Vocal Solo
Madison Salm:  Musical Theater Vocal Solo
Will Smith & Brynn Holzwarth:  Vocal Duet
Will Smith:  Musical Theater Vocal Solo, Classical Vocal Solo
Rylee Vandenplas:  Classical Vocal Solo
Arabella Adams & Brendon Brunette:  Saxophone Duet
Brynn Holzwarth:  Xylophone Solo
Lauren Maccoux:  Piano Solo
Emily & Lauren Maccoux:  Piano Duet
Emily Maccoux:  Piano Solo
Allie Naze:  Piano Solo
Isabell Otradovec:  Piano Solo