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Scholarships for the 2017-2018 School Year

**Please note that some scholarships must be postmarked by the Due Date 
Application material listed if possible, check with counselor for more information
Do your BEST WORK!
*Please type or write out in INK! NO pencil applications will be accepted
*Some scholarships only want your name on the cover page-please check to make sure you have filled it out correctly!
BP Venture One Stop / Main Street Crossing Community Scholarship 5/10/18 Demonstrates strength in the area of citizenship, community service, academic performance and perseverance.  Please see application for more information. 
141 Speedway Scholarship  5/1/18This is a new scholarship sponsored by 141 Speedway and is for students enrolling at a technical school after graduation.  Please see application 
Luxemburg Casco Jaycess  5/1/18Scholarships awarded to students enrolled in school for the fall and in who demonstrate service.  Please see application for more information.
Horatio Alger Career & Technical Scholarship  6/15/18 For students enrolled in technical program who demonstrate critical financial need and the ability to overcome adversity.  Apply online at 
 Hooray for Hollywood4/23/18 If you have been involved in high school theater, Missoula Children's Theater, or plan to major in theater, fine arts or music, please consider this scholarship
AM VET #42 4/30/18 Children or grandchildren of veterans may apply.  Students majoring in education or social work given priority.  Please see application for a full list of criteria. 
Luxemburg Lions Scholarship 5/2/18 Available to seniors attending 2 or 4 year college or technical school.  See application for details. 
 Dyckesville Lions Scholarship 5/1/18A great opportunity to receive award strongly based on service to your school and community.  Please see application for more information. 
Carrie Crystal Stuckert Memorial Art Scholarship  4/24/18This art scholarship is awarded to aspiring artists enrolled in an Art Major at a US college/university.  Please see application for more information. 
Wisconsin Towns Association Scholarship 5/31/18 Essay contest to compete for scholarship money.  $7000 in scholarships will be awarded to seniors enrolling in a Wisconsin public or private college or university. See application for more information 
Kewaunee County Garden Club Scholarship  4/30/18For students planning to attend a college, university or technical program and pursue a degree in horticulture or a related field.  See website for more information.  
LCSI Scholarships, Inc.   4/26/18This is an opportunity to apply for several different scholarships with one application!  Open to any seniors going on to a 4 year college or university or any technical program.
Stephen Kander Memorial Scholarship 4/20/18 This scholarship is for students pursuing a career in education, math or science.  Please click here for application. 
Jordyn Burkart Memorial Scholarship 4/27/18 Scholarship awarded to students based on academics as well as involvement in sports, community service and other activities.  See application for more information See Scholarships Here is a list of 10 scholarship opportunities available to students throughout Wisconsin
Student Scholarships 
AB Nicholas Scholarship 4/30/18  Available to basketball players AND managers (boys & girls) attending a UW school.  $10,000 a year for 4 year programs, $5,000 a year for 2 year programs.  Scholarships are based on need, academics and character.  See for more information.