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Frequently Asked Questions

We are routinely asked certain questions and thought we could provide some general responses here.  If you have further questions or concerns, please contact your counselor. 

Q. What do I need to graduate?
 Class*Credits *Community Service Hours *Science  *MathEnglish Social Studies Phy Ed Health Personal Finance *Electives 
2019 and Beyond2740 3  31.5 .5 .5 11.5
          *Beginning with Class of 2021 - students are required to take 1 credit of Biology, .5 Credit of Physics & Chemistry (minimum), .5 Credit of Personal Finance, .5                 Credit of Civics

          *Begining with Class of 2022 - students are required to have 1 Credit of US History or AP US History

Q. I didn't get the classes I signed up for?  
A. Unfortunately, it is likely that you will not get all of the courses you requested when filling out your scheduling form.  This happens at every school and will likely happen in college as well. Many factors go into creating a schedule including, how many students signed up versus how many seats are available, how many staff we have, what space is open as well as prerequisites needed.  Remember, these are requests which is why it is important to have options in the form of electives and alternates.  Try something different, take a risk, explore other courses that you might not have originally picked.  This is one of the best ways to determine possible pathways for your future!

Q. When should I take the ACT?
A. While some students take it their sophomore year or earlier, many of the questions on the ACT pertain to information students haven't been exposed to yet.  Many students take it more than once, and are required to take it as juniors at school. Considering that most colleges accept applications in the fall of your senior year and test scores should be included, the latest you might think about taking it would be summer between junior and senior year. Colleges will accept your highest score so you can send them to your school of choice more than once.   

Q. I applied to college or a technical school, now what?
A. There are a few things you will probably need to do:
  • Send a transcript! We are happy to send your transcripts AFTER you have applied to a school, but YOU need to take the responsibility to contact us and follow up with the school to make sure they were received! (**If you took a course through NWTC-please contact them to send a transcript as well)
  • Send in your ACT scores if applicable.  If you didn't have scores sent to the school you applied to when you took your ACT, in some cases you will need to contact ACT directly to have them sent.
  • If you are attending a technical school, contact them directly to discuss testing.  They may accept ACT scores or have their own testing program.
  • Some schools may require letters of recommendation.  You will need to ask 2-3 teachers, employers, advisors, coaches (NOT family or friends) to write these for you.  Letters should be given directly to your counselor by the person writing it and we will send them to the school on your behalf.
Q. I am interested in scholarships.
A. Scholarships are kept up to date under the Scholarship tab on our webpage.  Announcements are made when new opportunities come in so listen carefully and check the website for information.  Most scholarships aren't available until after the first of the year.  Make sure to check out the financial aid offered through your school of choice, many offer great packages!  You can also check the following websites for more:
Q. How can I find out what I might be good at or what career I might like?
A. Students do work with Xello starting in 6th grade and it is an excellent resource for continued research and investigation into possible careers.  Students will develop an Academic and Career Plan that will be housed in their Xello portfolio also.    

Here are some other resources: