LCHS Youth Apprenticeship

Youth Apprenticeship Program

Luxemburg Casco High School offers Work-Based Experiential Learning Experiences like job-shadowing, internships, supervised, paid (or unpaid) employment, and apprenticeships.  These opportunities allow students to earn valuable knowledge and skills outside of the high school classrooms. Our youth apprenticeship program is conducted and managed in partnership with the Green Bay Chamber of Commerce.  



Students who engage in district approved work-based, experiential learning opportunities, and complete the program requirements may earn up to a maximum of 8 elective credits and apply these credits to fulfill graduation requirements.

  • Max 2 credits - Junior Year

  • 2 credits - Summer Junior into Senior

  • 4 credits - Senior Year


Credits are earned based on hours of experience and performance. 

  • 45 hours = .25 credits

  • 90 hours = .5 credits, etc.


The LCHS Youth Apprenticeship Coordinator can help you understand how to set-up a work-based, experiential learning opportunity that is credit eligible and/or how to apply for credit for new and existing part-time employment.



Depending on the educational option, students will either receive a credit with a

pass/fail or letter grade. Regardless, all need to be pre-approved by the LC-HS administration. No credit will be granted for retroactive activities except high school credit taken during the students middle school years. Any student participating in these options is still subject to school policies, and all letter grades earned will be calculated in the final GPA.


Any questions about these options can be forwarded to 

Mrs. Johnson-Youth Apprenticeship Coordinator. or 845-2336 x489