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Diesel Project Update – May 24, 2021

Creation of L-C Diesel and Fabrication Lab coming together on schedule

Five weeks into the project, the creation of a Diesel and Fabrication Lab within the district’s former middle school building in Casco is moving along on schedule. It is on track to accommodate the more than 20 students who have registered for Ahnapee Diesel when it begins in August with the 2021-22 academic year.

A consortium of area high schools, the program will be the first diesel-only program at the high school level in the state of Wisconsin.

During the initial week of construction, April 19-23, in-place, non-bearing interior walls designated for removal were taken out.

The sawcut removal of the existing concrete floor and excavation to the planned elevation was completed on April 29, and soils engineering testing was passed after structure-fill compaction and fine grading. To accommodate a full-size semi-truck cab, the floor needed to be lowered by 2 feet. 

Rebar installation began on May 7 and pouring of the new concrete slab started May 12. By casting the reinforcing steel into the concrete, the diesel lab floor will have increased overall strength and be able to support the heavy equipment which will drive onto it. The new concrete floor has cured well, according to Jason DuChateau, project manager for Zeise Construction.

Rough-in of the underground plumbing and interior catch basin, along with the sump and ejector pits, was finished in early May. Inspection was passed on May 4.

Mechanical, electrical and above-ground plumbing installations have been taking place over the past several weeks. Wire was pulled through upgraded electrical
piping during the week of May 10 and into early the following week.

With a taller and wider garage entry door also required, the front opening was modified. Concrete block reinforcements were added in the May 13-14 window.
Installation of the main overhead door is expected to occur on May 27-28.

A second garage door, measuring 20 x 11.3 feet, since has been added on the back side of the building to accommodate single-axle vehicles, such as Bobcat heavy equipment and mini excavators, on the main shop floor.

Doors and frames are on the project site, and are scheduled for installation the week of May 24. Plans call for interior railings to go in on May 25.

Excavation of the ramp down to the lowered floor is scheduled to begin this week. It will take one day to set the footings. Installation of the exterior catch basin is expected to follow on June 4. Pouring of the concrete for the new ramp to the lowered floor is slated to start on June 10.

HVAC ducts currently are being put into place. The anticipated start date for installation of new commercial-grade exhaust fans and make-up air units is June 4. Exhaust out of two rooms is needed.

Other work ahead in June is painting and interior finishes, along with door handle installations. Some sections of exterior vinyl siding also need replacement.

“We’re excited to see the Diesel and Fabrication Lab come together,” says L-C District Superintendent Glenn Schlender. “Working with Zeise Construction has been great; they have kept the project on schedule. For a remodel, we have encountered minimal issues related to the existing structure.”

Approximately 20 local and transportation-based companies have pledged monetary and equipment donations of more than $300,000 collectively to help get the L-C diesel program off the ground.