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Automotive Technician Application
We are happy to share with you our partnership with Northeast Wisconsin Technical College (NWTC) to provide a vibrant program of study in the automotive industry. The Ahnapee Automotive and NWTC began a collaborative learning opportunity for our students to earn a college credential in high school and be in a unique position to prepare for the future workforce. Currently students in Denmark, Kewaunee and Luxemburg-Casco school districts can participate in the Ahnapee Automotive program.

The following items will be utilized to evaluate candidates for the automotive program: resume, cover letter, application, letter of support and interview. Application Due Date: January 20th. Interviews will take place in the month of February.
  1. Complete your resume and save as a PDF
  2. Complete your cover letter and save as a PDF
  3. Download the Letter of Support and have someone complete it for you
  4. Save/scan the Letter of Support as a PDF
  5. Click here to fill out your application (you'll answer a few questions and submit all of the above PDF files)

Application (25 points)
  • Complete application — 25 points
  • Partially complete application (missing prerequisite experience) — 15 points
  • Incomplete application — 5 points

Letter of Support (25 points)
  • Addresses all components — 25 points
  • Addresses some components — 15 points
  • No letter of support — 0 points

Resume (25 points)
  • Complete resume — 25 points
  • Partially complete resume (missing prerequisite experience) — 15 points
  • Incomplete resume — 0 points

Cover Letter (25 points)
  • Complete cover letter — 25 points
  • Partially complete cover letter — 15 points
  • Incomplete cover letter — 0 points

Interview (50 points, 5 per question)