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Student Services

Student Services is a constellation of activities, functions and services designed to help identified students experience success and benefit from school experiences. Student services programs touch the lives of various children in the District. Services include programming for children with disabilities from age three through age 21, support for students experiencing homelessness as defined by McKinney-Vento, and gifted and talented education. Students are provided these services in order to: better understand his/her own uniqueness, adjust to the demands of the school environment, achieve social and academic competence, assume responsibility, set goals, and make meaningful life decisions.

The success of student services programs is dependent upon a team approach of teachers, student services personnel and the school's administrative-supervisory staff. Essentially, student services are provided directly to students or indirectly through teachers, parents, administrators, school programs or activities and community agencies.

The Student Services Director is responsible for the development, coordination and supervision of special education and the coordination of programming for children with disabilities from age three through age 21. Other responsibilities include coordination of services for students experiencing homelessness, staff training, pupil non-discrimination, and civil rights compliance.

The School Psychologist serves as an education consultant, diagnostician and coordinator regarding the behavioral and educational management of individual children. The school psychologist has special training to administer and interpret the findings of a variety of individual tests; and participates in the planning and educational management efforts with the staff in regard to special programming for individuals or groups of students.

The Program Support Teacher serves as a resource and support for Special Education Staff members in educating students with disabilities.  The Program Support Teacher also supports the district in implementing Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS/Spartan Way) to support all students in making good behavioral choices.

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