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Project Update — November 26, 2019

Noticeable finishes appear as new Gym and Wrestling Room approach completion
With less than two months until the expected completion of the new Gymnasium and Wrestling room – a major part of the Luxemburg-Casco School District referendum projects – noticeable finishes are appearing. The new scoreboards are being installed this week, and the Gym floor will start to go in a short time later.

At the south end of the district campus, walls for the new Middle School building continue to go up at a rapid pace.

L-C referendum work exterior brickworkWork on the new Gymnasium is moving closer to its final stages. All HVAC work and the majority of the painting have been completed. The facility’s audio speakers also are in place.

The new scoreboards have arrived on site, and installation was scheduled for this week. Hanging acoustical wall panels and ceiling lights also are in the process of being installed. The Gym’s main screen will be put into place soon as well.

Installation of the Gymnasium floor is slated to begin on Dec. 9, a process expected to take 2-3 weeks. Upon completion, bleachers will be stationed as one of the last steps before final completion. In preparation for the Gym floor install, floor moisture levels are being actively monitored.

Adjacent to the Gym floor area, a number of related areas are taking shape. Spray-foam insulation was being applied this week to the exterior of the main entrance. Metal wall panels and glass will be going in over the next two weeks. Just inside, the concession stand and school store now are clearly visible.

L-C referendum work Middle SchoolDown the hall, the boys and girls team locker rooms are moving closer to completion. Some of the walls have been painted in school colors, and tile installers from H.J. Martin and Son were working on the restroom and shower areas.

Work on the polished concrete in public areas of the Gym is expected to start on Dec. 16.

It is anticipated that the new Gymnasium will be turned over to the L-C School District for use around the third week of January, according to Nexus Solutions Project Manager Mike Frailing. Determination of a specific date will be made at the start of January, he said.

The new Wrestling Room similarly is close to reaching the home stretch. This week, installation of its exterior, interlocking wall panels began.

Inside, painting is finished and wood for the concussion-proof floor sits awaiting installation, which is expected to begin in the next two weeks.

L-C referendum work HS-MS secure entranceOver at the site of the new Middle School, a team of masons from The Boldt Company continue to work on getting the building’s walls up. The company has been working six days per week, according to Frailing, with the goal being to complete that work by the end of December.

“Boldt has been a great partner for the district,” says Frailing. “They have been doing whatever it takes to keep the project on schedule.”

All footings are in, and the ground surface inside the Middle School space largely has been leveled.

The in-floor plumbing is 75 percent finished. Once complete, the sprinkler system can be hooked up.

The outline of the new, secure main entrance and office for the high school now is visible. Roof trusses were being welded into place this week, and steel decking soon will follow.

L-C referendum work Middle School

L-C referendum work Middle School

L-C referendum work gym lights

L-C referendum work gym

L-C referendum work receiving door

L-C referendum work spray foam

L-C referendum work wrestling room
L-C referendum work Middle School

L-C referendum work gym concessions

L-C referendum work gym locker room

L-C referendum work gym locker room

L-C referendum work mezzanine

L-C referendum work wrestling room

L-C referendum work HS-MS secure entrance

L-C referendum work gym entrance

L-C referendum work gym locker room

L-C referendum work gym scoreboard

L-C referendum work pipework

L-C referendum work wrestling room