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Project Update — May 4, 2020

Work on new Middle School reaches final month, High School changes continue
Work on the brand-new Middle School – a significant part of the Luxemburg-Casco District referendum projects – has reached its last five weeks. The Middle School is scheduled to be turned over to the district on June 8.

Changes to the existing High School building continue, meanwhile, aided by the fact that students are not on site daily any longer.

Many of the Middle School classrooms are nearly complete, outside of furniture and cabinetry installation. Furniture for the building arrives for installation during the second and third weeks of June.

Van Den Heuvel Electric of De Pere has finished the electrical grid and wiring work. Lighting is operational throughout the new Middle School.

HVAC work for the new building, including six rooftop air handlers, has been completed by B&P Mechanical of Appleton.

Corcoran Glass & Paint of Greenville has installed roughly 85 percent of the windows. What remains to be done is largely near the front entrance of the new Middle School, including the secure entrance and administration office areas of the High School and Middle School. Completion is expected by May 15.

H.J. Martin and Son has finished approximately half of the polished concrete floors, which run through the classrooms and corridors. Completion of the polished concrete within the science wing, in the southeast corner of the new Middle School, has allowed for installation of its cabinetry to begin.

Omni Glass & Paint, headquartered in Oshkosh, has done a “great job” of completing the painting throughout the new Middle School on schedule, according to Nexus Solutions Project Manager Mike Frailing, who is overseeing work on the L-C referendum projects.

The porcelain tile installation – in locker rooms, along with student and faculty restrooms – is roughly 60 percent complete. As areas are finished, fixtures are being put into place.

Cloud ceilings already are installed within the science classrooms and currently are going into the art room. The new art room is a large space, full of light for student creativity.

Drywall and taping are taking place in the office areas near the combined front entrance of the High School and Middle School.

Exterior brick is being laid currently by employees of The Boldt Company. A tan brick, which accents that on the High School, is being utilized. The work began in mid-April and has 2-3 weeks remaining before completion.

“All contractors on site – SMA, Boldt, VDH and B&P – are doing an excellent job of moving the project along while also maintaining a safe job site,” Frailing adds. “Proper social distancing of workers has been an absolute top priority. The contractors also have collaborated on scheduling to ensure that there are not too many people in an area at one time.”

The cancellation of on-site classes in late March has allowed contractors to get into the High School earlier than planned, according to Frailing, which allowed them to start needed work in that building.

The refurbished Auto Shop area largely is complete. Four hoists and fully equipped work areas will be available for student use starting with the 2020-21 academic year.

Demolition of the Kitchen area is underway. A more efficient set-up, with new equipment, will ensure that capacity is in place for the addition of Middle School students to daily food service.

Flooring installation in the new Fitness Room is scheduled to begin on May 11. It entails a 1.5-inch rubber mat, with a Spartan head located by each lifting station. This complex work must be completed by May 22 as the fitness equipment begins arriving on May 27 for assembly.

The high school’s old weight room is in the process of being converted into culinary arts classrooms for the High School and Middle School.

The Library of the high school building has been gutted. In the coming weeks, new cabinetry and finishes will be put into place to provide a vibrant, modern learning space for students.

Small adjustments are being made to the new Gymnasium based on initial use. A gray, walk-off carpet tile is being added from the Atrium entryway to the gym itself.

“Since the Gym and Wrestling Room opened, I’ve gotten positive feedback from students and the community,” says Frailing. “It’s nice to see that people are happy with their new facility.”