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Project Update — July 9, 2019

Referendum project work progressing at fast pace in first month
Since the school year ended in early June, work on the L-C referendum project has been moving along at a fast pace over the last month.

Heavy excavation work and surface leveling is well on its way towards completion thanks to our local partner, J Jadin Trucking & Excavating. Their work has included replacement soil that is more suitable to building in the rear of the project area. Also, the Marcks Lane bus loop is roughly 40 percent graded.

On July 1, the initial wall footings for the new gymnasium began being poured. Peters Concrete arrived mid-morning to start the pour.
Peters Concrete in action

Boldt Construction personnel are in the process of blocking in windows and doors of the high-school building which no longer will be used.

On July 3, Wisconsin Public Service switched the high-school building over to a new electrical transformer. The new transformer had been readied in the weeks prior.

Within the interior of the high school, a new shower and bathroom area within the girls’ locker room has been roughed out. Nearby the outline of an officials’ locker room can be seen.

CNC machine donated by D&S Machine
Two CNC machines, donated by D&S Machine Service, have been placed into the high school while the building offered accessibility for the large units.

New HVAC duct work is going in overhead on the main level. The new heating system is expected to be available by Sept. 1, well before it is needed for this year’s winter weather. The new cooling system will be usable by early 2020, when spring brings warmer temperatures.

The replacement gas meter already is operational and the high-school building is running on the new service.

A new water main has been installed and just needs to be flushed before it is put into use.

Mike Frailing, the on-site project manager for Nexus Solutions, is pleased with the pace of the work to this point. “Something new is happening here every day,” he says.

pouring concrete for L-C gymnasium

girls locker room renovations

replacement gas meter
Excavation at L-C gymnasium project

Excavation at L-C gymnasium project

HVAC ductwork

Nexus projects
bus loop project

workers blocking windows for referendum project

blocking windows for referendum project

blocking windows for referendum project