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Project Update — July 17, 2019

Work on L-C Primary School nears completion; H.S. project moving along
With the 2019-20 school year on the horizon, work on the L-C referendum projects – at both the Primary School and High School – continues to progress enough that visitors immediately discern notable changes. In fact, several areas of the Primary School are nearing completion.

Primary School Kindergarten area
This Friday, July 19, the two new 4K-kindergarten classrooms will be turned over to the school district, allowing time for them to be cleaned and gotten ready for the upcoming school year. The full 4K-kindergarten area, previously an open concept, has an entirely new look, with classrooms carved out through the addition of drywall.

Vinyl composite tile (VCT) and carpet will be installed in the new areas over the coming weeks, prior to the start of classes.

There also is a revamped configuration of the front office and principal’s office, and it is possible to see the initial outline of the new secure entrance to the Primary School, which is expected to be ready for this school year.

Up front, near the entrance of the Primary School, installation of the steel roof was completed this week with the use of a Bayland Buildings crane. Within the area where the new secure entrance will be, roof trusses are being welded to beams.

Mason work at the L-C referendum project
Nearby, masons from Schelfhout & Decleene Masonry are working feverishly on the building’s exterior façade. From the laying of the bricks in a specific pattern to the detailed mortaring, the final finish of the Primary School entrance quickly is taking shape.

Moving towards the High School, grading of the Marcks Lane bus drive continues with Geo materials currently being put into place. This fabric provides strength improvements to the road base layer, helping to prevent ruts and potholes, along with prolonging the life of the asphalt by reducing cracking. The finished product will be a commercial-grade drive, designed to withstand the demands of heavy use by district school busses.

Asphalt for the new bus drive will begin to go down on Monday, July 29, weather permitting.

The pouring of concrete for the wall footings of the new gymnasium continues. The footings, along with frost walls, are about 50 percent finished. Expectations are that the footings will be completely done in about 2-3 weeks.

As the site grading work continues, all of the soil that is unsuitable for building now has been removed. Approximately 60-70 percent of the grading work has been completed. A current focus is enlarging the drainage pond to accommodate additional water, per Wisconsin DNR design.

Mason work at the L-C referendum project
Inside the High School, all of the work to block in windows and doors which no longer are needed is finished.

The in-floor concrete in the new locker rooms is expected to be poured in the coming days. The plumber is getting ready to move out of the building.

Employees from B&P Mechanical were removing the building’s original HVAC equipment from the High School on July 15. The prior week, on July 9, a state building inspector reviewed all work done to date – in the High School and Primary School – and provided his approval. The plumbing systems were among the items approved.

The month of August will see the painters and ceiling installers arrive to complete their work before the start of the school year.

This week, Mike Frailing, the project manager from Nexus Solutions, shared some news sure to excite those in the Luxemburg-Casco School District area. Frailing said that he had just learned the footings for the new design-build wrestling room would begin on August 12.

crane at L-C referendum project

kindergarten work at L-C referendum project

masonry work at L-C referendum project

Primary School roof at L-C referendum project

gymnasium footings at L-C referendum project

bus path geo material at L-C referendum project

kindergarten work at L-C referendum project

masonry work at L-C referendum project

new HVAC at L-C referendum project

HVAC cold at L-C referendum project

masonry work L-C referendum project

masonry work at L-C referendum project

welding at L-C referendum project