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Academic Achievement

Map of Wisconsin CESA districtsStudent achievement has always been a top priority at Luxemburg-Casco, and focused efforts at improving student learning over the past decade have yielded outstanding results.

All public schools in Wisconsin are required to test student achievement each year in grades 3–8 and grade 10. These state assessments measure student learning in English Language Arts and Math.

The state of Wisconsin is divided into 12 Cooperative Education Service Agency regions or CESA’s. Luxemburg-Casco is located in region 7, which contains 38 districts. The table below shows how Luxemburg–Casco has performed on the state achievement test compared to the other 37 school districts in CESA 7 over the past five years.

2012–2013 26th 24th
2013–2014 20th 21st
2014–2015 15th 10th
2015–2016 9th 5th
2016–2017 4th 5th