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students and staff with shovels at groundbreaking ceremony
Now that the referendum has passed, the hard work of implementation has begun! This page will chronicle the progress of each phase of the referendum project, as well as distribute information to all stakeholders to ensure the project meets the community's needs.

The design process will use multiple tiers of participation. The District Core Team will be the decision-making body that recommends plans to the school board for final approval. Feeding up to the District Core Team will be individual Planning Committees organized by school building;  Primary and Intermediate School Projects, Middle School Addition, High School Renovations, Gymnasium Addition, and Bus Travel on Campus. Providing input and detail to the Planning Committees will be User Groups for each impacted area (please see the Design Process Chart for a visual display of the above description).

We also want to seek input from community members. These Community meetings will be announced via the district website, email and U.S. mail much like the district newsletter is sent to residents. Rest assured, stakeholders will have multiple opportunities to provide ideas and feedback as we progress through the design process.

The process itself will begin in earnest starting in June 2018 with the first meetings of the Primary School and Gymnasium Addition Planning Committees, as well as the District Core Team. These groups will meet every two weeks until the design of those areas is complete. The User Group meetings for these areas will be held soon. The design process for the other parts of the project will be phased in later this spring and summer. The duration of the design phase varies depending on the complexity of each project but will typically take 4–6 months. The process to finalize the design of the Middle School portion of the project will begin in late summer/early fall.