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Luxemburg Intermediate School, 1910
PHOTO CREDIT: Luxemburg Remembered: Village of Luxemburg Centennial
Luxemburg-Casco School District has a strong tradition of nurturing hard-working, caring, intelligent young adults within our community.  Many outstanding educators have served our young Spartans, and many students have gone on to contribute positively to our community, their new communities in Wisconsin, in all corners of the United States, and even abroad.

Our school community has experienced many transformations over the past 100+ years in pursuit of greater opportunities for our students, always with the goal of improved learning for a brighter future.  Since the early 1900s education has been an important part of what is now the Luxemburg-Casco School District community.  Several grade schools dotted the landscape of this community throughout the first half of the 20th century, with many excellent educators fulfilling the needs of local students.  Luxemburg and Casco operated as separate districts until they merged in 1968 with the current L-C High School becoming the flagship of the district.

In the 1950's there was talk of consolidation of Luxemburg and Casco High Schools, which finally was achieved in 1968 with the building of the senior high school at Luxemburg, for a price of $725,000. The land was purchased from Milton Arendt for $26,000. With the enlarged enrollment the school was placed in the Packerland Conference. The enrollment that year [1968] was 366 students with 20 teachers... C.A. Popke was named administrator in 1966. During 1968 additional classrooms were built. Three shop classrooms, a library, five academic classrooms, with the existing library to be converted into two additional classrooms which provided room for 600 students in the senior high.

-- excerpt from Luxemburg Remembered: Village of Luxemburg Centennial

Prior to this union of the school community, there were several elementary schools in Luxemburg and Casco.

1967, prior to reorganization of the Luxemburg Union High School and Casco High School districts into one K-12 common school district, there were 14 elementary school units.  Most of these were one and two room buildings with only K-6 units at Luxemburg and Casco.  Luxemburg was the only elementary unit that had a gym.  The number of units was reduced by purchasing and leasing relocatable classrooms and finally by building one complete elementary unit for the Luxemburg-Casco district at the 40-acre Senior High School site.  Junior High students are served at the former Casco High School.

-- excerpt from the Dedication Program at the L-C Intemediate School Open House

This new elementary school, the L-C Intermediate School located on North Main Street next to the High School, was opened in 1976.  From this point forward, L-C School District had a uniform education program - elementary students attended the Intermediate School, junior high students attended what is now the L-C Middle School located on Church Avenue in Casco, and high school students were served by the L-C High School located on Center Drive in Luxemburg.

District Administrators

Glenn Schlender
Patrick Saunders
Ray Thillman
Charlie Meissner
2014 - Present
1999 - 2014
1977 - 1999
1968 - 1977
Four new classrooms were added to the High School in 1979 for art classes, marketing and science.  A change in principals brought Wayne Carroll to the High School from 1982 to 1985, replacing Anthony Polich who retired.  From 1985 - 1989 the principal was David Tymus, a graduate of the University of Wisconsin, Madison.  August 1989 marked the hiring of Steve Okoniewski, who served as the High School principal for 25 years.  The school also purchased eight acres from the village for a bus garage in 1989.  An addition for band, chorus, library and the auditorium was completed in 1990.  The Ciha property was purchased for a Special Education office in 1992.

L-C District Athletic Complex
Photo Credit: L-C School District
In 1995 the school district purchased of 51 acres of land from Peter Arendt.  A 1996 addition to the High School included classrooms for technical education, a cafeteria, agriculture, metals, a wrestling room and a bus garage.  The district athletic complex was constructed in 1998/99 for football, track, baseball, softball, and tennis.

L-C Primary School
Photo Credit: L-C School District
In 2001 the district constructed an additional building to more effectively serve its students.  The L-C Primary School, located on Marcks Lane in Luxemburg was opened for instruction in the fall of 2001.  The Primary School allowed grades K - 2 to be housed in their own building, opening more space in the Intermediate School and giving our students and teachers more flexibility to learn in age-appropriate spaces.

School Organization

Primary School
Intermediate School
Middle School
High School
4K - 2nd Grade
3rd - 6th Grade
7th - 8th Grade
9th - 12th Grade
The Spartan tradition of educational and extracurricular excellence continues today.  The district utilizes the four buildings outlined above, as well as a Student Services office just outside the High School and the district athletic complex across the street from the Intermediate School.  Luxemburg-Casco School District continually strives to improve the resources and educational tools that we offer our students, all in pursuit of giving the young adults of our community the brightest future possible.  These offerings are built on a solid foundation of outstanding educators and staff members, and an ambitious student body.  Together, We Are Spartans, and it certainly is a great day to be a Spartan!