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District Website Redesign

posted Aug 20, 2014, 8:57 AM by Cory Romdenne

For some time now, members of our technology staff have identified our district website as a resource in need of a significant upgrade.  Near the end of the 2012-2013 school year, a survey was posted on our district website to gather feedback from all users in order to gauge which aspects of our website were most in need of change.  After closing the survey, members of our District Technology Committee reviewed all of the responses and began the task of planning the future of our district website.  After careful consideration, we settled on the idea of migrating our website to the Google Sites platform.  This made sense for a number of reasons:
  • our district already makes use of the Google Apps for Education suite of tools, so the Google Sites platform dovetails nicely with the other tools that we already use on a daily basis within L-C School District
  • Google Sites is obviously hosted by Google, which is a much larger and more reliable host than our current one; this means that a site built on the Google Sites platform would be faster and less prone to downtime
  • our current website host costs the district a yearly fee that is taken out of the technology budget, while Google Sites is free as part of our aforementioned suite of tools within Google Apps for Education; switching to the Google Sites platform would allow the district to better utilize its technology funds in order to increase students' access to technology
  • building a site within the Google Sites platform would be easier to manage and maintain than our current system
  • the Google Sites platform would allow us to build a more modern website
We want our website to be an exemplary tool for communication with our students, staff, members of the public and families considering enrolling in our district.  We also hope to utilize our website to showcase all of the wonderful accomplishments of our students and staff members, and to keep our community involved with all of the great events that the school district is part of.

Today marks the first phase of our new website.  This website is still being developed, so you'll notice areas that are incomplete, you'll see placeholder images, and you'll find things that should be links but have not yet been filled in.  Consider this a public beta for the new Luxemburg-Casco School District website.  You're free to browse the entirety of the website, but we want your feedback!  Let us know what you think of the new website by filling out this survey (the link at the top is the same).  We want your opinions before we officially launch the website within the next month.

We hope that you find this new website to be a significant upgrade on the old one.  We also hope that you give us constructive feedback so that our website can continually improve and become a source of pride for our district.  Thank you, and happy browsing!