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Welcome to Luxemburg-Casco School District

Greetings!  Welcome to the Luxemburg-Casco School District web page. On behalf of everyone here at L-C, thank you for your interest in our school system.  Luxemburg-Casco utilizes four school buildings in providing the rich learning opportunities for our students. Our L-C Primary School serves grades EC through grade two. Our Intermediate School serves grades three through six. Our Middle School serves grades seven and eight, and our High School serves nine through twelve grades. We have 152 teachers, many of whom hold Masters degrees in their fields.  Our district is actively supported by our PTA, families, several student activity booster clubs and our communities.  We have a very engaged student body with academic clubs, student government organizations, community involvement efforts and sports commencing in the Intermediate School years.  We recognize the positive connections between student involvement opportunities and academic success.  We are very proud of the Academic, Arts, Athletic and Activities success of our students. These four areas - our four A's - comprise our 4.0 grade point of educational opportunities here at Luxemburg-Casco Schools.  Please enjoy looking at our web site and the excellent learning environment we sustain.  At Luxemburg-Casco we believe all students learn best with skilled teachers, adequate resources, a positive culture of high expectations, respect and compassion.  L-C students are our focus, our purpose and our BEST ambassadors of responsible citizenship.  Thank you for visiting us. Come back soon!

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